Alien Feedings. We exist.

But more importantly, you exist.

Alien Feedings is about alternative approaches to life. It's about being different, it's about being true to yourself. 

Alien Feedings is for those who have suffered: felt loss, felt different, felt depressed, anxiety, loneliness, not fitting in. But it's about there being a place for you and in fact a place you can be celebrated.

It goes back to around 1984, when I had struggled for so many years with depression and not fitting in, but suddenly finding the world of punk rock - when it was still a very small, outside world - and suddenly I felt I had found a home.

A few months in someone turned me on to Black Flag and I heard the lyrics to "Depression." Not only was there someone else feeling the way I did, but it was someone who was my hero. I was no longer just a depressed, I had an affliction, but it was something that made me a part of something.

And as I've grown through the years of becoming an artist and being part this thing, I've realized these "negatives" are many of the things that are most important to who I am.

And that's what Alien Feedings is about. Being a cheerleader for those who suffering to not just know they are important, but to support them to find their greatness.