Alternative Clothing Brand

Alternative Clothing Brand: Alien Feedings

Alternative clothing brand, Alien Feedings, was first established as a record label in 1989. The alternative clothing brand component of Alien Feedings was launched in May 2020.

Creative projects is what we do and we have been part of alternative culture since the early 1980s.

We were at the punk shows, dressing a certain way and listening to music that was very unpopular except in very small circles.

alternative clothing brandOf course being in an independent (not on a record label) alternative rock band, you're doing everything yourself: making your own records, your own show flyers, stickers, t-shirts.

Alternative Clothing Brands

Alien Feedings is not here to compete with other alternative clothing brands. Our goal is support the concept fulfilling your own vision: in music, art, what you wear, how you live. 


Our History is Alternative

And we're just not into wearing things that anyone else could get a mall. Just like our music, we want to express our ideas, make our own art, and be part of the process of making something.

So that is the alternative clothing brand that is Alien Feedings.