Surfer Rosa Live Music Series

Surfer Rosa is a North Bay Area live music series hosted every month and featuring Sonoma County musical artists. Produced by Alien Feedings, Surfer Rosa features about 8 artists, each performing a half-hour set.

Surfer Rosa started in 2018 and was held at Whiskey Tip in Santa Rosa.
In 2019, the series was moved to Shady Oak Barrel House in Downtown Santa Rosa. 

The name, inspired by the Pixies' record of the same name (which we understand was inspired by Santa Rosa), is a nod to our 90s alternative rock roots and to present the series as a great way to "surf" the great music coming from our area.

As of early 2020, the series is on hold due to COVID-19.

Guide to Fast Living Music Series
Further leveraging the Guide to Fast Living name (also used by the musical act The Guide to Fast Living) In 2019, Alien Feedings produced a series of videos called Guide to Fast Living which featured interviews with 4 of the Surfer Rosa artists.
Watch the Guide to Fast Living Video Series

Artists who performed included:
Aly Rose Trio
Amber Fenex
Austin Westly
Brittany Aquamarine
Bob Dunn
Brittany Lynn
Brooks Palmer
Camille Avril
Cameron Shells
Clementine Darling
Dave Hamilton
Dead End Boyfriend
Douda and Mike
Garrison Krohn
Hell and the High Water
Hunter Anderson
Jane Brelvi
Joshua Spears
Kay Ashley
Kerry Kathleen
Landon Britton
Leni Garth
Mia Kaneen
Mike Lesch
Part-time Poet
Radio KBob
Star Blue
Steph Chevalier
Tabitha Antoinette
Talking Tree
The Guide to Fast Living
Tika & the Moonshines
Tori Paquet
Velvet Chamber

Lenny Garth