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And Now They're After Me is the 6th record release from Otto's Revenge.

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And Now They're After Me by Otto's Revenge

Presented by Alien Feedings, And Now They're After Me is a live recording from a 1990 show. Otto's Revenge wanted to release this record as it captures the raw punk roots of the band and the personality of their earliest shows.

The recording was capture through the same boombox that provided service to the band from the very first day that Kurt and Jerry met in August 1989 through the band's final practices in the late 1990s as documentation tool (Jerry still has and uses that thing by the way, though we've converted to our phones for band recording).

The band recorded nearly every song at practice. Many of their best songs - including some that will soon finally see light on another record that's in the works - happened because the tape was rolling while the band was warming up or just messing around and an idea came together organically and was captured by that box. A lot of the best songs would have been lost without that. "Anger Jam" is just one classic that comes to mind that was just a lot of pent up energy that came out as the band was warming up one day at practice and suddenly a song was born. We would have never remembered what we had done if it wasn't recording and the song was exactly mapped and written from that first raw take.  "A Winter for this Coat" is another example of the band fucking around one day that will be released near 3 decades later thanks to the box.

It's fitting that the boombox gets to have a day in the spotlight to share the many great musical and band moments that have been Otto's Revenge since 1989.

And Now They're After Me Shows Punk Roots

The members of Otto's Revenge were hardcore punk fanatics from the early 80s, having seen Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Naked Raygun, Bad Brains and so many other legendary punk bands before punk was accepted by the mainstream. Punk was Otto's Revenge's foundation, but the band quickly evolved past the punk genre.

However, the punk roots are clear as well as some pretty solid songwriting while the band was less than a year old. 

Dave Kerman - Otto's Revenge

The Original Otto's Revenge Line-up

This is THE original Otto's Revenge line-up. Otto's Revenge was founded in August 1989 when Kurt Hoffmann responded to a flyer put out by Jerry Morgenthaler looking for a singer. On that first day the hunkered in the basement around the boombox and recorded the beginnings of the first Otto's Revenge songs. Within a few months they found drummer Dan Arens and bass player Dave Kehrman, who were seniors at CBC high school. Kurt and Jerry were in their early 20s and Dan and Dave added - in addition to some great musicianship and songwriting skills - a nice dose of juvenile spastic energy and attitude (plus they had some great taste in music, introducing us to bands like fIREHOSE among others who would pave our creative direction).

Dan and Dave had great creative input, writing "Fight Like Apes" and Dave's great bass line on "Bus, Bus, Bus" off of our releases I Wanna Live Like Clint Eastwood/ Gods of Love and Torture and Light (the digital rerelease of Clint Eastwood) is a classic.

Unfortunately the lineup would be short-lived and Dan and Dave left the band in 1991, also establishing what would be a theme of instability in the rhythm section throughout the life of Otto's Revenge.

Jerry Morgenthaler - guitars
Kurt Hoffmann - vocals
Dave Kehrman - bass
Dan Arens - drums

Time I Flee (Live)
This America (Live)
Fight Like Apes (Live)
These Days (Live)

Recorded live on boombox at an Otto's Revenge show, location unknown.
Mastered August 2020 by Tim Gennert, Prairie Sun Recording Studio, Cotati, California.

Dave Kehrman Otto's Revenge


Dan Arens Otto's Revenge