Alternative Clothing Brand

Alternative Clothing Brand

May 23, 2020

Alien Feedings is an Alternative Clothing Brand

How the indie record label of a local punk band became and alternative clothing brand.

Alien Feedings began in 1989 as the record label of St. Louis punk/alternative band Otto's Revenge.

As an independent band, everything we did from the beginning was DIY, mainly by me - Kurt, lead singer - and Jerry,  guitarist, the two founding members of the band: recording our own records, booking our own shows, making the show flyers, designing cassette and CD covers, stickers, and making our own merch.

This creative, hands-on effort in multiple mediums actually became a huge part of the fun. 

As Otto's Revenge rebooted in 2014 and Alien Feedings has become more active, we've been enjoying expanding even more on creative projects, including documentary films, an original video series, and a particular growing passion for creating our own clothing.

It started as just wanting to have our own, unique brand of shirts, hats, hoodies to wear ourselves instead of wearing the same old stuff that anyone could buy at the mall. 

Then more people expressed interest and it grew from there. Like our music, we do first and foremost for ourselves and that reward is enough in and of itself. If it grows beyond that, cool.

(note: feature image Alien Feedings "Nixon" t-shirt)

Alien Feedings Alternative Clothing, hat and windbreaker

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